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Pluto up close
scorpio: november 12
NASA's sending a probe to Pluto to check out its surface. They've started calling it a "dwarf planet" which is an improvement from non-planet status, I suppose. Sounds like they're already getting a wealth of info even though they haven't gotten to the surface. Here's a cool thing they found:
Scientists have already discovered that Pluto apparently changes colors seasonally and has geysers erupting from its surface.

They also found another moon, bringing Pluto's total to 4 (Charon, Nix, Hydra and now P4).

Maybe they'll find Pluto interesting enough to upgrade it back to planet status.


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I was pissed when Pluto was "removed" from being a planet.. It made so many people's education's wrong. I wanted to punch that guy in his face and say "It wasn't a punch. It was a tap to the face with my knuckles." I really wouldn't punch him, but I thought it would be funny though..

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