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Russian by accident
decepticons rule!
I've accidentally been learning Russian. It started as a general interest in Chernobyl. Many of the photo galleries for the area are in Russian and I'm insatiably curious so I started translating the captions. Then I started playing the STALKER games and was exposed to more. Recently I heard about the Dyatlov Pass deaths and discovered that, when I went to look at a gallery of pics, that I could nearly read all of the captions. In the process I discovered that Russian for 'photo gallery' is фотогалерея (or фото галлерея) - pronounced "photo gallery". Ha. Restaurant is a similar word (ресторан - restoran). There are others I've encountered too that sound a lot like English but just look different since they're in another alphabet. Crazy.

This weekend is Comicon. I nearly have my costume ready. I'm going as Miko from Transformers Prime. All I need to do is dye my hair (which I cut short about a month ago after 9 years of growth), finish the tights and finish the boot covers. Yay!


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Cyrillic always throws me off a little because it's not quite greek, and I end up sounding it out like Greek.

I didn't but Alex did. Most were under the age of 14 and female. Apparently a lot of girls like the character she went as. XD

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