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Happy Mom's Day
The obligatory hand-crafted gifts aside, my family all got me zombie items for Mother's Day. They did this without planning to. I gotta wonder what that says about me. Heh.

Me and the fam are planning to be at Comicon at the end of the month. We've already registered. We don't have the funds to stay at the hotel but if you're planning to be there let me know when and I'll try to coordinate with you.

It's probably no surprise that I want to do the Zombie Walk.


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The Phx Comicon looks kewl; sorry I won't be in attendance. Hope you and your family have an awesome time.

I'm sure we will. :D I'll post pics of our costumes and other cool things we see. Hopefully I'll get to meet Stan Lee and play a theremin!

I would go, but my wife and one of her friends are taking a mini-vacation to Hawaii that week. I expect our petty cash funds will be a little depleted from shopping and stuff.

I hear that. We've been budgeting tightly just to afford the convention. No money for hotel or anything extra. But I'm sure it'll still be loads of fun. Unfortunately Alex hurt her foot so that'll put a crimp in her freedom.

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