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Pluto is still a planet...
scorpio: november 12
..and I'm still a Scorpio.

I'm very much of the opinion that anyone born before the addition of Ophiuchus to the Zodiac can opt to remain the sign they were born. If it matters that much to them. For me, Pluto and Scorpio are not changing.

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Works for me. I was a little sad at the idea of not being a Leo.

The funny thing about Ophiuchus is that he has ALWAYS been around. He was taken out of the horoscope because he is the serpent tamer/serpent bearer. 13 and serpents are viewed as evil and unlucky and in-sync with the Devil according to Christians. Man I am such a nerd for knowing this junk. :P

I've been reading some books about ancient Mayans and how they tracked the stars and sun... According to the theory I'm reading, Zodiac signs are tied less to the position of the constellation in the sky at present and more to where they were at the moment of the infant's conception. Basically a star stamp on the baby when it first becomes a baby, not when it exits the womb. The theory's based on solar gravity's effect on the earth and how the radiation from the sun affects our planet. It's an interesting slant on an old custom.

We are both nerds for knowing (and caring) about this stuff. And proud!

That sounds interesting. What books have you been reading? I am happy to be a nerd with you any day! I know I am in good company. ^_^

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