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So I went to post an entry here and I was hit with a blacked-out screen and a notice that read "After this advertisement you will be returned to your Live Journal experience.

I hate when companies try to force me to look at ads. I've got all sorts of stuff on my own computer that stops all ad types (I'm out of state right now, visiting relatives). So instead of viewing the ad, I opened a new tab to get other stuff done that I needed to. As I got busy elsewhere I thought: "After the ad ends I will return to my Live Journal experience." Whoever thought up that marketing atrocity really missed the mark.

Anyway, I wanna wish you all a Merry Xmas and a safe, happy New Year. I have a sprained wrist or I'd write more. Take care of yourselves.

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Ouch, sorry to hear about the sprained wrist. But I hope you and your family have a happy and peaceful holiday.

Happy holidays, and best wishes and love to you and your family.

painter 11

Sounds like a great product. It would probably be a great gift for grandma at Christmas time

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